A driveway is where you park your cars, but just because it's a place to park doesn't mean it should look unsightly. Your driveway should be maintained and kept clean in order to lengthen it's life. Minor repairs such as removing weeds from cracks and patching cracks can be done by you, or you can leave it to a professional company. Either way, the job should be done to prevent the asphalt from cracking and crumbling. Read on for tips to repair asphalt and to keep it in good shape.

Blow Away Clippings

Any grass clippings on the driveway should be removed with a blower or swept away. Grass clippings can eventually cause grass to grow through even the smallest of cracks in the driveway. Small cracks will then eventually turn into much larger cracks.

Remove Weeds And Grass From Cracks

If you do have grass or weeds growing through the cracks, the weeds should be removed. Spray the weeds with a weed-killer to kill them and the roots. You can also use a torch to kill the weeds much faster. Pull out all of the dead weeds, getting as much of the roots as possible.

Fill In The Cracks, Clean And Seal The Driveway

Once the weeds are removed, use a tar patch, asphalt caulk or a bag of asphalt patch to fill in the cracks and to prevent any further cracking or damage. Once the cracks are all filled in, clean the driveway to remove all debris and any stains such as grease or oil stains, then seal the driveway with asphalt sealer. Blow away debris, then spray an asphalt cleaner to remove stains that may soak through the sealer and damage your driveway further. You can do this for smaller driveways by yourself, but larger areas should be left to a professional company. 

Tips To Keep Asphalt In Good Shape

Asphalt should be well-maintained by cleaning it and filling in cracks and holes. Other things you can do include:

  • Be sure nobody parks along the edge of the driveway where the asphalt may not be as strong.
  • Don't allow over-sized vehicles to be parked on the driveway, as they can sink into the driveway or cause damage.
  • Seal the driveway every other year to keep it in good shape.

Asphalt repair when it has minor issues can usually be done by you, but if you have a large driveway or you have major repairs that need to be done, you should leave the work to a professional driveway repair company. Visit sites like https://www.plehal.com/ for more information.