The care, cost and expense to have asphalt poured and smoothed out over your own retail space's parking lot can be considerable. Looking out over the slick, dark lot you may wonder how soon it will be before it looks like it used to. Luckily, you can actively have a hand in preserving the new lot; the ideas below are a start.

1-Sealcoat It

The best thing you may be able to do when you're still impressed with the new appearance of the lot is to have it sealcoated. Commercial sealcoating may have been presented to you and you didn't take it, or you may not have realized that was an option. However, with a nice, thick, seal over the entire space, you can worry less than rain, vehicle fluids and other substances will disturb the surface of the area lot.

Of course, the sealcoat protection won't last forever. Stay mindful of needing to have the process done every year or about as often if you expect it to stay effective.

2-Clean It

Perhaps the most common thing that commercial parking lot owners avoid is regularly cleaning their lots. Wet leaf piles or oil spills are left there, degrading the surface day after day because owners are too busy with other tasks. It doesn't take much to have employees handle minor cleaning tasks Iike getting rid of those wet leaves. If you don't want to spot clean vehicle fluid spills or have your own workers tackle that, it's probably best that you set aside funds for a commercial sweeper or cleaning company to periodically scrub away stains and remove debris.

3-Address Cracks Immediately

Being busy is sometimes the reason you won't even ever see cracks forming until they're so large they're ugly and irritating to drivers. However, if you aren't looking for cracks now, you'll be dealing with higher expenses later. Ask employees to help you stay vigilant about locating and handling cracks often.Store-bought filling mixes may be fine for tiny cracks, but get a contractor to fix larger ones before they get too large.

Attention and care for your lot is vital. Lot preservation is not always difficult, especially if you respect these tips. Your contractor can guide your actions if you express a strong desire to keep it intact, smooth and attractive. Periodic checks and quick resolutions will help to, so pay attention to your parking lot each and every day.