Whether you are making some business property upgrades or you are in the process of planning your new business construction, the topic of concrete as part of the building material used is bound to come up. Concrete can be used for everything for parking lots and sidewalks to exterior cladding. However, concrete finishing is where the magic truly happens because these finishing techniques gives concrete its versatile appearance. Here is a look at a few of the concrete finishing options you may encounter for the exterior of your business property. 

Concrete can be finished with epoxy-paint. 

Painted concrete is actually quite common in business settings, especially when it is used as exterior cladding or in a decorative manner along sidewalks and walkways. However, simply painting concrete with regular paint will not provide a durable finish. If you work with a good concrete finisher, they will apply a concrete epoxy paint that is designed specifically for the purpose and is highly resilient to the weather that can come along with outdoor settings. Not only does the painted epoxy provide a different concrete color, it also provides an added layer of protection for the concrete.

Concrete can be finished with stain for color. 

When most people think of concrete, they think of the grey-colored industrial material that is not all that aesthetically appealing. However, concrete can actually be stained just like other porous materials, such as wood. If you want concrete around the exterior of your business property that is a different color than grey, work with your concrete finisher to come up with a hue that can be added as a stain. 

Concrete can be finished with specific textures. 

The surface of concrete does not have to be plain and boring; you can actually have it finished with all kinds of different textures. For example, you can have sidewalks finished with texture to prevent it from becoming slippery when it rains, or you can have concrete stamped with a bricked design for a more attractive look for your place of business. While these textured finishes can be more expensive, they are well worth the added cost for the final designer appeal that can be added to your property.

When it comes to concrete for your business property, this could easily be deemed as one of the most versatile materials there is. To find out more about the different concrete finishing techniques, contact a contractor in your area.