Some people do the strangest things to their yards. However, they usually have interesting or valid reasons for doing so. Take concrete yards, for example. Why would anyone hire a paving contractor to turn their entire yard into a concrete slab? Why is this a real thing? Here are some of the more popular reasons:

Tired of Lawn Care and City Ordinance Violation Fees

Who does not like mowing and weeding every week? When you think about it, this reason totally makes sense. The best way to remove these chores from your weekly schedule is to not have to do them at all. Unfortunately, as long as you have grass and weeds and they continue to grow, you have to mow. Otherwise, the city sends someone around to take pictures of the field surrounding your home and threatens you with ordinance violation fees.

If you are just done with the threats, the fees, and the lawn care maintenance, you can pave the whole thing over. Now you have more parking spots or playground for visitors instead. Just remember that you will have to maintain the concrete now, but the paving contractor can cover it in asphalt and it is good for a while.

City Folk Prefer Concrete Jungles

Some people, especially those who grew up in large cities, cannot seem to function unless they are surrounded by concrete. They are used to having no grass and lots of concrete lots around them. When they do buy a home in suburbia, they like having that concrete jungle present still. 

Grass Allergies

It seems silly to buy property with a lot of grass on it if and when you are allergic to grass. Hence, those that have severe grass allergies opt to turn the yard into a giant slab of concrete. It lessens the allergic reaction they have when they walk outside to their concrete "yard."

Lots of Room for Court Sports

Basketball, racquetball, tennis and a few other court sports need concrete underfoot. For someone who does not have a lot of yard but still wants a basketball and a tennis court or volleyball court, it seems the ideal solution to turn the entire yard into concrete and place your sports nets wherever you want them. Even if you want to play these sports in the middle of winter, you can, so long as you clear away all of the snow and ice.

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