You may think your asphalt parking lot looks great now, but there are many natural factors that affect the structural integrity of your parking lot. Check out these three natural dangers to your asphalt parking lot so you know how to protect your property from damage.

The Weather

Weather can cause serious damage to your parking lot. Just like the UV rays from the sun can fade fabric and other materials, they can fade your parking lot too. The asphalt may turn a grey color, making it look older. However, the radiation from the UV rays also causes deterioration of the asphalt, causing it to break down quickly. Snow and ice is another threat to your parking lot. During the winter, water seeps into the cracks, and when it freezes, the water expands, making the crack or hole larger. A sealcoat is a great way to put a new protective layer on your parking lot.

Standing Water

Standing water is rarely clean, especially if it's on a parking lot. The water typically is contaminated with oil and other dangers. If the contamination in the water cause it to have a high pH, this can also damage asphalt by corroding it. If you commonly have a problem with standing water, you need to consider improving your drainage on your parking lot. If you still have a few puddles here and there, talk with your paving company about adding some latex to the sealcoat to help offer a little extra protection from the damaging effects of standing water.


One of the reasons asphalt is so great for roads and parking lots is because it typically has a bit of flex to it. This allows the asphalt to bend a little when exposed to heavy weight. However, as soon as the asphalt is laid, oxidation starts. Oxidation simply means the asphalt molecules are trying to find a stable state: a non-flexible state. Eventually, oxidation can cause your asphalt to crack and crumble under the heavy weight of cars and trucks. Frequent sealcoats will slow the oxidation process.

If you have a parking lot, you need to keep it well-maintained. One of the best ways you can protect your parking lot is by getting regular sealcoating. It Is significantly less than replacing your entire parking lot, and it will give your asphalt a protective layer to slow the aging process for a short time. If you would like more information regarding paving or sealcoating, contact a provider in your area today.