Making your college campus safe and inviting are priorities for you, and part of accomplishing those goals is creating a parking lot that your students and faculty can feel comfortable using. Here are a few options you can use when it's time to repave your parking lot to give it an upgrade.

Create Parking Zones As you repave the parking lot, think about different ways you can organize your parking spaces. You can create parking zones for those with parking permits, faculty parking, visitor parking, and handicap-accessible parking. Determine which spots get the priority closest to the buildings. Once you have your handicap-accessible spots sorted, you may want to put visitor parking as the next closest location, followed by permit and faculty spots. When the lot is re-striped, you can use color-coded designs in the middle of each spot to designate who is permitted to park in each zone.

Add Parking Islands Your parking lot can also be a place for students to gather in between classes. This is particularly helpful if you have a smaller campus. Consider adding strips of grass surrounded by concrete borders to create green spaces in between your parking aisles. You can add picnic tables and benches, garbage cans, and pavilions so this space can be used for grabbing a sack lunch or doing some studying in between classes. Consider having students studying botany or agriculture plant trees and plants in these islands. The plants can help to reduce your school's carbon footprint and offset some of the heat coming off the pavement in the summer.

Install Emergency Call Boxes You may already have emergency call boxes on your campus. They offer students who feel they might be in danger the chance to call for help. Adding these to the parking lot can help students to feel a bit safer as they approach their vehicles, particularly at night. Place these call boxes on the islands and near sidewalks, and be sure to add extra lighting to your parking lot as well. This extra lighting can help to increase visibility in the lot, which can also help students to feel safer on their way to and from their cars.

Discuss your plans with your paving contractor so you can break up the pavement where the islands will go and re-pave the rest of the lot. With some work and careful planning, you can make your parking lot a beautiful addition to your college campus.